United healthier London
02 Jul 2015

United healthier London

The biggest problem with obesity and related

02 Jul 2015

The biggest problem with obesity and related diseases is the numerous contributing factors – the massive challenge is uniting and teaming up resources to tackle them all. We are talking about issues on a social, economic and educational level.

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Do people really know what healthy eating is? What about physical activity? How many people don’t or can’t cook? Fast food is everywhere it’s cheap and easy, so how do we change these trending eating habits?
Better health is our ultimate goal but in order to reach that point we must address some fundamental issues and lay some solid foundations. Creating an environment for all that is conducive of healthy living is not going to be a walk in the park, but it is achievable!

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Firstly let’s clarify what we mean by living a healthy lifestyle

Healthy eating – How many people know the detrimental health implications of trending eating habits? Why are so many (especial young people) living on fast foods washed down with a sugar filled drink? Providing education to empower individuals how to make healthier choices is paramount. Accessibility of healthier options needs to be improved in all schools, colleges, universities and other organizations. Children of today are the future health of tomorrow and we must invest in each and every one of them.

Offer more classes, training and workshops to support healthy eating by teaching practical solutions and encourage everyone back into the kitchen, we need more homemade meals. Practical advice how to shop for produce in season and learning cooking skills that can accommodate even tiny budgets are just a couple of examples that contribute to a better food culture instigating healthier eating habits.

What about physical activity and sports – How much exercise should we be doing daily or weekly? Once again education is vital but providing practical opportunities to participate in social activities and a variety of sports from football to street dancing must be accessible for a variety of ages and physical abilities.

Creating social dining environments in schools that are inviting, the stark clinical 1970’s look is not a good one! What about some street art, music, menus creating an enticing atmosphere – let’s ask the pupils what THEY want so WE can discourage them from visiting the local chicken shop.

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Whoever you are we must all take responsibility and contribute towards creating a better food culture and a healthier more active lifestyle.

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