Holiday food
20 Aug 2015

Holiday food

Have you noticed when you are on

20 Aug 2015

Have you noticed when you are on holiday you eat more of everything?
Do you find it surprising that you don’t pile on the pounds?
Fantastic I hear you say, why can’t it happen when I am at home?

Good news – it can!

It is because your surroundings change and are conducive of healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Mediterranean countries for example follow a balanced natural diet, paired with a healthy eating and drinking culture.

Here are a few tips to continue the beneficial holiday food feeling at home!

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Weather : when the sun is shining and it is hot we naturally drink more water. Being well hydrated eliminates mixed messages from our brain of being hungry when actually we are thirsty.

At home : make an effort to drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day.

Breakfast : it is more likely that you are eating a good breakfast. It’s easier when you are relaxed on holiday and have time, making it enjoyable rather than a necessity.

At home : set the alarm 10 minutes earlier and make time for a nutritious breakfast, it will fuel you with the mental and physical energy your body needs to function efficiently.

Salads : in warmer climates salads are more enticing and often served as part of a meal. This makes it easier to naturally eat a balanced and nutritious meal.

At home : Get into a habit and always add a little salad to your meal. Aim to eat 50% salad and/or vegetables at each meal

Eating slower : eating becomes a social occasion and we tend to take our time and eat a lot slower. Hence we feel fuller for longer

At home : make time to eat! To optimise digestion we should chew our food well, finishing eat mouthful before we consume another.

Walking and exploring : we are far more active than we realise. It’s easier to walk further and for longer when we are observing our surroundings. Walking in sand is a great form of exercise as is swimming.

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At home : try to walk more and enjoy the journey. Leave the car for short journeys or get off the bus/train 2 or 3 stops before your destination. Why not begin a new sport or join a club?

So there you are, you have it, right on your door step!

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