Hallo ween off sugar
27 Oct 2015

Hallo ween off sugar

Children dressed as witches, goblins, and ghosts

27 Oct 2015

Children dressed as witches, goblins, and ghosts stuffing excessive amounts of sweets – has this become the adaptation of 21st century Halloween?

The Festival of Samhain on 1 November was originally celebrated by the Celtics to commemorate the end of the harvest or days of light (summer) and acknowledge the beginning of the dark days (winter). These ancient pagan people’s lives depended on the growth of their crops and a successful harvest. No convenience foods back then and certainly no sweets!


They worked hard to survive off the land, however, they were very superstitious and believed on the eve of Samhain (31 October) the souls of the deceased, some thought to be evil spirits, were released, allowed to roam the earth freely to cause harm and destruction.

All Hallows Eve was introduced as precautions were taken to protect oneself from any evil spirits. Masks and disguises were worn, bonfires were lit and ghoulish faces were carved on turnips. Most importantly offerings of crops were made to ward off the evil spirits – yes crops not sweets!!

So although I haven’t gone into the whole 100 years of how Halloween evolved into what it is today, it dates back to protecting oneself, crops and livelihood.

Since we live by convenience foods now most of us have no crops to protect so I am going to flip Halloween on its head.

This Halloween 31 October, 2015 I’m going to look out for the livelihood of all children (and adult) Halloween participants knocking on my door and treat you with such offerings of apples + raisons a la Munch Better style.

However, you need to watch out for the scary smoking pumpkins, spiders and wicked evil witches and ghosts that want to curse you with rotten teeth, diabetes and cancers ……



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