How much to eat?
26 Nov 2015

How much to eat?

How much do we eat? How much

26 Nov 2015

How much do we eat? How much should we eat?

Most ready meals, restaurants and takeaway portions or meals are larger than necessary and sadly excessive food consumption has become the norm – this has consequences and not just adding inches to our waistline!

There are calorie guidelines according to our sex, size and activity levels but there are basic reasons why calorie counting alone is NOT a good idea

• Calorie counting does not take into consideration the nutritious value of food
• Who wants to spend time trying to work out the calories of every food?
• Does it matter how many calories are in a green leaf salad?

There are easier ways to control our portion sizes and more importantly enjoy a healthy, balanced, varied and nutritious diet. The more we avoid unhealthy over-sized ready meals the easier it becomes to make healthier choices. To help children and young people understand about correct portion sizes Munch Better has some straightforward guidelines – suitable for adults too!

Munch Better – keep it natural and simple

No calculations necessary
No counting or measuring use your hand! What you can hold in your hand is equal to your portion size


Balance your plate
A healthy plate consists of
• A handful of protein
• A handful of carbohydrates
• Two handfuls of salad and/or vegetables

If it is possible scrambled eggs are a quick and easy snack to make, toast with tahini or peanut butter or what about a natural yogurt. Don’t go for long periods without eating something, your sugar levels will fall leaving you feeling tired, likely to grab a quick fix unhealthy snack or overeat at meal times. Fresh fruit, a small bag of nuts, vegetable battons and even dark chocolate are great little snacks to carry with you and fit easily into a handbag or rucksac.


It’s so important to drink water regularly throughout the day to replenish the water our body continuously excretes through our skin, lungs, wee and poo! Here are some prompts
• As soon as we wake up
• Before breakfast
• Mid + late morning
• Before lunch
• Mid + late afternoon
• Before dinner
• An hour before bedtime

Hands up who knows their portion size!

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