Munch Better Christmas
17 Dec 2015

Munch Better Christmas

Yipheee it’s the festive season and there

17 Dec 2015

Yipheee it’s the festive season and there is no better time than Christmas to relax and clear our minds of studies and work commitments. This in itself is good for our health and well-being but there is one aspect that many of us struggle with over Christmas – the abundance of food and drink!

How can we celebrate without over indulging?

Well I say let’s enjoy our Christmas culture and traditions! Bring it on! Have fun! Eat, drink and be merry!

Christmas delights from Hayfield Manor Pic: Miki Barlok

It is possible not to overindulge without depriving ourselves of all the yummy goodies Christmas offers and yes, that includes mince pies and chocolates!

To avoid feeling bloated, drunk or stuffed like the Christmas turkey follow our tips!

Slow down

Let’s get into the relaxed atmosphere of Christmas and adopt a slower pace – really enjoy that glass of wine by sipping it gradually and savouring the flavour and do the same with your food. Remember you are on holiday – take your time!


Have a break between drinks by having a glass of water – this will help you stay hydrated and may eliminate drinking too much. Feeling hungover is no fun at all!


Take a small handful of nuts or crisps (if you must) so you know how much you are eating – don’t be the one standing over the bowl munching your way mindlessly through all the salted peanuts!


Often portion sizes are massive – we are not obliged to eat everything on our plate, eat slowly and chew your food well, this gives our digestive system a chance to send messages of satiety to our brain, hence avoid overeating and feeling very uncomfortable 20 minutes later!


There is nothing wrong indulging in the Christmas sweets, chocolates, mince pies and of course Christmas pudding! Keep your portions small – a LITTLE of everything that’s what Christmas is all about!

Take a walk

Have a little walk after eating – a traditional stroll in the park taking in some fresh air then back home to play some games or watch TV?!

Cheers yum yum ho ho ho Merry Christmas – have a good one!

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