Our big fat sugar fight
05 Feb 2016

Our big fat sugar fight

Soft white refined sugar is everywhere, sometimes

05 Feb 2016

Soft white refined sugar is everywhere, sometimes quite visible but increasingly to be found hidden in the majority of processed foods we eat and the drinks we too regularly consume.

As our food culture has changed and we are eating less fresh produce and relying regularly on processed foods there is no doubt this is increasing the amount of sugar we are consuming. I feel sure you will be quite horrified and shocked to discover just how much ‘invisible’ sugar you are consuming daily!


Change4Life have been running a campaign called sugar smart to increase awareness about the high levels of added sugar found in processed foods, snacks and soft drinks. Some of their tips and alternative suggestions I must admit can seem rather basic and personally I do not agree with all of them, however, their latest sugar smart app is fun and informative.

Once downloaded to your smart device you hold it over the bar code as it scans the food or drink product. Immediately you can see cubes of sugar piling up on your screen … already quite shocking as you see it shows you clearly just how many sugar cubes have been added!


The sugar smart app is simple, tangible and easy to use.

It’s an ideal tool for young people especially since the majority carry a smart phone 24/7. This is a step in the right direction of fighting back against the laws and regulations of the ridiculously confusing labelling on consumer produce. At least this way we don’t need to be a mathematician to understand just how much sugar is a cup of hot chocolate!

Please use and share this app and don’t forget to tell us what you think – you can download it here

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