Don’t diet! 5 basic rules
25 May 2016

Don’t diet! 5 basic rules

What can we do to encourage healthier

25 May 2016

What can we do to encourage healthier food, drink and lifestyle choices? It is important to learn what is good for us, how nutrition and exercise has a positive impact on our health. What we eat and drink determines how we function in a physical and mental capacity.

Don’t diet! Take a look at 5 simple steps towards developing a healthier lifestyle:

1 Water

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up – it rehydrates and cleanses our body promoting efficient blood, cell and organ function. Our body is about 70% water so the average adult needs to drink 1.5 litres daily.
TIP: keep a glass of water beside your bed and carry a bottle with you when travelling from A-B

2 Breakfast

This important meal breaks our overnight fast, kick-starts our metabolism and provides us with essential physical and mental energy to start the day. Eating a nutrient dense breakfast within 30 minutes of waking also plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body weight.
TIP: quick + easy oats mixed with nuts, seeds and fruit / eggs with wholemeal toast / yogurt

3 Regular eating patterns

It is important to avoid erratic eating habits or going for long periods of time without food. Eating at regular times each day stabilizes our blood sugar level. This eliminates fatigue, mood swings, dizziness, irritability and controls cravings! Eating regularly enhances our metabolic rate and lowers the risk of food being stored as fat.
TIP: Try to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner more or less at the same time each day – fresh fruit and nuts is a great snack if you get hungry between meals

4 Chew

Our digestive process is stimulated by our senses: look, smell and taste. Every mouthful requires the physical process of chewing, releasing saliva containing some digestive enzymes. Amylase and other enzymes begin breaking down our food making digestion easier on our stomach and small intestine.
TIP: relax before your meal, take time to eat, chew each mouthful well – on average 20 times!


5 Plan ahead
The same way you plan your schedule plan your meals too. Wake up 10 minutes earlier to eat breakfast. Prepare a packed lunch ensuring your afternoon includes a nutritious meal to refuel. Plan what is on the dinner menu before you get home.
TIP: Get organized! Make a shopping list of all the ingredients you need for the coming week’s meals.

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