Juice it or not?
10 Jun 2016

Juice it or not?

Chew it don’t drink it Much of

10 Jun 2016

Chew it don’t drink it

Much of our drinking as adults is performed in social situations – a cup of tea with a friend, coffee at our local café or perhaps an alcoholic beverage at a party or in the pub? In these situations it is unlikely we drink because of thirst. I’m hoping you choose water to quench your thirst?!

Now let’s talk liquidized solids. It has lately become very fashionable to drink our food – yes, in the form of smoothies or more recently anything that one can throw in a NutriBullet! Let’s look at why a healthy adult is better eating food rather than juicing it!

At birth we only have the ability to suck and swallow we are not capable of chewing. We spend a good few years from birth evolving and learning. Maturing taste buds, growing teeth and developing senses that all contribute to the successful process of chewing. Gradually we become competent chewers and absorb our nutrients from solids. The only essential nutrient liquid healthy adults continually need to drink is water.


Our very clever human bodies evolve to enhance a complex digestive system that utilises the food we eat to fuel, maintain and optimize the way we perform. Chewing is an important initial stage and when we liquidize foods we bypass vital developed digestive triggers –

• Our saliva does not create Amylase and other import enzymes necessary to prepare for the next digestive stages.

• Our metabolic rate slows down as its catabolic functionality is compromised.
Babies, the elderly and people suffering from illness or surgeries may require a liquid or soft food diet. This is temporary (hopefully) until they are able to consume a natural solid balanced, nutritious diet.
Consider both quantity and quality of your ‘drink’

• A smoothie may contain as many as 3 different pieces of fruit plus milk, yogurt or even ice-cream.

• The more you process a food the more it loses its nutritional value.

Not only have you just drunk more than you would have eaten (had it been in its natural solid state) but you have also lost out on the nutrients, minerals and fibre through liquidizing!

Better stick to eating food, drinking water and socialising!

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